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This report allows you to view the course completions for an individual student.


The Completion Reports are meant to report only on the current training year. If you want historical reporting, please see Training Status Detail found in Report Builder

  1. Click the Completion Report by Student sub-option in the Admin Menu under the Reports tab.
  2. Select the desired Organization (or All Org*) from the Org* drop-down menu.
  3. If the student is inactive in the system, change the Student Status drop-down menu to the appropriate option (or select All to see all students regardless of their status).
  4. Select the student from the Select a Student drop-down menu. If the student has any completions, the report will then display, similar to the example shown below. The results of this report may be printed by clicking the Print Report link, or exported to a MS Excel document by clicking Export Student Report (both links circled in red below).


    If the student has no completions, you will see the message “No records were found” in lieu of a report.

    The report displays the name of the courses the student has completed, whether they are Required or Optional, Completion Date, Start Date, Expiration Date, Location, and Company.

    If no date is present in the Completion Date cell, the student has not completed the course.

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