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This utility is designed to give admins the ability to import multiple administrators at one time via an uploaded CSV file.


Error Handling

The import administrators utility has several built-in data integrity checks.  The data integrity checks help prevent bad data and/or duplicate data from being entered into the LMS.

  1. Required Fields
    1. Admin_Id:  This admin id field is required because this value is what the future admin will use as their username when logging into the LMS Admin Portal.
    2. Admin_PW:  The password field is required because an admin cannot log into the LMS Admin Portal without it.
    3. FirstName:  The first name field is required because our database does not allow empty values as a first name.
    4. LastName:  The last name field is required because our database does not allow empty values as a last name.
    5. Email:  The email field is required because there are several reports and other Notification utilities that leverage an admin's email address.
    6. AdminTypeID:  This field defines the level of access the imported admins will gain.

    7. Domain_Associations:  This field defines which domain(s) the imported admins will have control over.  If wanting to specify multiple domains, use a semicolon to separate each domain value (id).

      If the CSV file does not contain ALL of the required fields, then an associated error will be displayed upon import.



  2. Duplicate Accounts
    1. The required Admin_Id field is designed to be a unique identifier for the given account, thus when the import begins processing each row in the CSV file, a data integrity check will be performed to verify that there is not an admin account with the same Admin_Id.  If an Admin_Id is already in use, then this account will not be created and an error message will be displayed indicating such.
    2. The required Email field can also be used to prevent duplicate accounts from being created.  However, unlike the Admin_Id field (which is checked on every import), the user must select the "Check for duplicate email addresses?" checkbox prior to uploading the CSV file to apply the Email data integrity check.  If this option is selected and there is already an Email in use, then the account with the duplicate Email will not be created and an error message will be displayed indicating such.

      Important Note:  If attempting an import and an error occurs, use the rollback feature to undo your previous attempt if and only if at least one admin was imported successfully.  If none of the admins from the file were imported successfully, then there will be nothing to rollback.

Rollback Feature

The import administrators utility includes a "Rollback" feature which gives admins the ability to rollback (delete/undo) a previous import attempt.  To use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "View Imports" button to view all previous import attempts.

    The "View Imports" button will only be visible if you have previous import attempts. If you have never used this utility to import administrators, then this button will not be displayed.

  2. Click the "Rollback" button associated to the import you would like to rollback.  (in the below picture, clicking on the rollback button the red arrow is pointing at will delete all the admins inside the red rectangle)

  3. A warning dialog will be displayed asking you to confirm your intentions to rollback this import transaction.  Click "Ok" to continue.

  4. A message will be displayed indicating the rollback is complete.