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This feature contains several utilities for administering and tracking live training events like webinars, instructor-led lessons, and seminars. If an event contains an assessment, you may also record a score for each employee and track the results online. Each session may be created with a student facing description, instructor only notes, and after the event the instructor may upload a PDF copy of the attendee roster for documentation purposes.


Many customers use this feature so they may generate reports that contain online training completions and instructor led training completions side by side. To accomplish this most efficiently, talk to your Account Manager or Customer Success Advisor about importing Live Event completions.

Setting Up a Live Event

If you do not already see the Live Events tab on your administrator interface, please contact your Account Manager at Vivid Learning Systems or our Customer Service team at


Before you may enter completions for an Event, we will need to create the definition of each Live Event in the system (similar to how we have each online course defined, then we make it available to you). If you don't have the event/course title you need in the drop down list of courses, please contact your Account Manager.


The available utilities for Live Event Tracking include:


NOTE:   The join of the Live Event Session record with the PDF you upload is at the Session level, not the student level. Therefore you may NOT navigate from the Student record (enrollment or completion) to the PDF. Once uploaded you may only access the PDF by browsing to the list of Live Event Sessions.

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