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The Reports Dashboard shows you a summary of the state of your training program. 

Chart 1:  Active student count over time.

Chart 2:  Count of Enrollments vs. Completions in Required courses over time.

Chart 3:  Progress toward 100% Complete in all Required courses, displayed in Delinquent (due date has passed), Incomplete (due date not yet passed), and Complete.

  • Note:  IF you are using the Automatic Retrain Feature that re-enrolls your workers based on their previous completion, rather than all workers being enrolled on the same day each year, this Progress bar will likely never read at 100% complete and if it does, it will only be at 100% until a worker is re-enrolled. Your target in the Automatic Retrain scenario should be for zero Delinquencies.

Chart 4:  Displays a progress bar toward 100% complete in all Required courses for each organization.

  • You may click on an Org name and it will populate the student list for that Org in Chart 5.
  • You may also filter the list of Orgs using the Filter box.

Chart 5:  Displays the list of Students for the Org you selected from Chart 4.

You may type in the First or Last Name Filter box to narrow down the list of Students displayed.

You may click on a student Name and a new tab will open that displays the full Training Status Report for the student. See below for the Training Status Report for Aaron Burr.

If you click on the student name Aaron Burr, a new tab will open that displays the full Training Status Report:

Note you may further filter the 2 pages of results by selecting a Course Start date, or choosing to only view "Active" courses instead of "All."

This report may be Exported using the Export Student Report link.

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