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At A Glance

  1. Students Tab --> Add/Edit/Enroll Students button on the left
  2. Use one or more of the search fields to narrow down the list of students, then click Show Students
  3. A field of students will appear. The Student Number in the left of the field can be clicked
  4. On the next screen there is an Organization field with a button marked Change
  5. Using the drop down menu(s) select the desired organization, then select the Enrollment Option. If no enrollment option is selected, the student will NOT be enrolled in whatever course from their new organization they haven't yet taken. Also, if their new organization doesn't have a course they have been previously enrolled in, those enrollments will be lost. If the students' new organization has the same course, their progress will be transferred to their new organization.


Re-Org a Student

When a worker moves to a new location or job, you may need to move their account to a new Org in the system. Here's how to accomplish that.

  1. Click the Add/Edit/Enroll Students sub-option from the Admin Menu under the Students tab.
  2. Use one or more of the search fields to narrow down the list of students, click Show Students.
  3. Click on the hyperlink of the Student_Number to go to the Edit Student screen, as shown below

    Image Modified

  4. To move a student to a new organization, click on the Change button.
  5. Select the new org using the drop down menu(s) then select your Enrollment Option. If you do not select an enrollment option, the student will not be enrolled in any NEW courses in the new org, however, any active enrollments from the old will be transferred to the new org if the courses exist. if the courses do not exist in the new org, any incomplete enrollments will be deleted, and any complete enrollments will be archived.

    Image Modified

    The interface will provide you with the results of the move on screen

Image Modified

If you wish to override the OrgCourse settings/schedule, you may populate the "Set Training Active for" box with the number of days you wish the training to be available to the student, and/or the "Courses Available Starting" box with the day you want the course to appear on the student's Incomplete Courses tab. If you leave the boxes blank the values will be populated from the OrgCourse definition.


To edit the Due Date or Start Date after you have enrolled a student, use the "Edit Student Enrollment Dates by Student" utility.