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At A Glance

  1. Students Tab --> Add/Edit/Enroll Students button on the left
  2. Use any filter to help narrow the search field.
  3. Click Show Students
  4. A table will appear
  5. The Student Number on the left of the table can be clicked.
  6. The next page will be the student's information that can be edited.
  7. Click Update on the bottom of the page to save your changes.


Step By Step

  1. Select the ADD/EDIT/ENROLL STUDENTS sub-option from the Admin Menu under the Students tab.

  2. Use any of the filters available to help find the student you want to edit. Entering information into any of the filters is optional.

  3. Click the Show Students button to display the list of possible students to edit.

  4. A table will appear below with a list of students that meet the specifications determined in step 2.

  5. Click on the Student Number for the student you want to edit (example below).


6.  The student’s account information will appear on a page similar to the following screenshot. Edit the fields you need to change. The specifications for the fields are the same as if you are adding a new student. For a list of the specifications see  Adding a New Student.


7.  Click on the Update button at the bottom of the page to process the edits. The following confirmation message will briefly appear in the middle of the screen.