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Import Students allows you to build a student list from a .csv file (comma-separated values) typically built using Microsoft Excel

At A Glance

Before you begin: Have a student list ready, complete with:

  • Their associated Organizations (defined by their OrgID which can be found in Site Setup Tab --> Manage Org button).
  • The required values for input, which are: StudentID (Usually their first initial_last name@company, IE Jsmith@Company), First Name, Last Name, Password and, of course, their OrgID.
  • Make sure their Orgs already exist in the system.

Once you have your .csv file ready, follow these steps:

  1. Students Tab --> Import Students button on the left (the first button).
    a. Find and download the Sample File (underlined as a hyperlink), NOT the other link (Sample File with Student Numbers).
    b. The sample file lists all the values that can be added to the system.
    c. Input student values under the same columns as in the sample file (last names under Last_Name, StudentID's under StudentID etc).
    d. Additional values will aid reporting options.
    e. Save the file as a .csv.
  2. Go back to the Students Tab --> Import Students when your .csv file is ready.
    a.Click the Choose File button.
    b. Browse to the file on your computer. Once selected, the file name will show next to the Browse button.
  3. If students should be enrolled immediately, click the Enroll Students button (the green plus). If students don't need to be enrolled yet, skip to step 4.
    a. If you wish to Enrolll students in all courses available to their Organization, select the first option.
    b. If you wish to only Enroll students in the required courses, select the second option.
  4. Now click Upload File.
    a. The system will generate the students using the information provided.
    b. If a student could not be generated due to lack of required information or duplicate values the system will display an error message concerning that student.
    c. Student imports can be undone with the Rollback feature (see below).
  5. Verify that students are where they're supposed to be by:
    a. Right-click Students Tab, click Open In New Window --> Add/Edit/Enroll Students button.
    b. Use the drop-down menus to navigate to their Org.
    c. Verify student information and location.
    d. If results are not what is desired, navigate back to the Import Students page, Rollback the import, make the necessary corrections to the .csv file and try again.


See "Error Handling" below

Step By Step

Instead of adding students one by one, you may Import a .csv file list of users.

To be ready to import students, make sure that:

    • the Org(s) to which the students will be assigned already exist in the system;
    • there are Courses already assigned to the Org(s) with dates that make them available for immediate enrollment;
    • you have the OrgID (unique number of each Org from the Manage Org view);
    • you have a list of all the students information, most commonly a spreadsheet of employee data exported from your HR system, or complied manually.


  1. Select the Students Tab, and then Import Students.
    1. Click on Sample File hyperlink to download the .csv file template.
    2. Copy and Paste the details from your list of employees into the appropriate columns in the Sample .csv file.
      1. Required Fields are in green in the screen cap:  Student ID, Password, Last Name, FIrst Name, Org ID (not Status).
    3. Populate the Student ID and Password columns using your established convention.
    4. Populate the Email address column if you wish to allow students to retrieve their password themselves and if you plan to utilize the Email Notification feature of the LMS.
    5.  Insert OrgID into OrgID column (see above for instructions on obtaining the OrgID).
    6. Populate any Optional fields (highlighted in Yellow) to further enhance your reporting options if desired.
    7. Save file as .CSV (comma separated values) file to your computer (with a definitive filename like "Employee_Import_2017_0603.csv").


2. Go back to the Students Tab, click on Import Students again,

    1. Next to where it says Select file to upload click Browse to select file on your computer.
    2. Once you have selected the file, the filename will be listed next to the Browse button.


3. If you wish to Enroll student in any courses, click on Enroll Students to display the Enrollment options. If you do not wish to enroll students in any courses, skip to step 4.

    1. If you wish to Enrolll students in all courses available to their Organization, select the first option.
    2. If you wish to only Enroll students in the required courses, select the second option.


4.  Click Upload File

    1. When you click Upload File, the system will create student accounts for each student on the import list and enroll them in the courses as you've specified.
    2. After the import tool runs the import, it will display your results, and if there were any errors.
    3. In this example shown below, there was a duplicate Student ID between Buddy Holly and Beatrice Holly, so the second instance, Beatrice was not added, and is indicated below in the Error report.
    4. The post import results will also display the list of courses in which the students were enrolled. Check this list.
    5. If the list of enrollments does NOT match the list of courses you thought you setup and assigned to the Organization, you have 2 options:

Undo the Import - click on View Imports then click Rollback* (see below) which will remove all enrollments and students so you can start over

Go back and Delete Enrollments - perhaps only a few enrollments are wrong, so it would be easier to only fix a few than redo the whole import process.

Click on Students tab and Enroll/Unenroll to remove the enrollments student by student, then fix the Org Courses using Add Course to Org (in reverse order), then Enroll Org in Many Courses.



5.  Spot check to make sure students are where you want them

    1. Students Tab > Add/Edit/Enroll Students
    2. Select Company (and Org if desired) for which you Imported students > Show Students
    3. Verify that the students are in the Organization you meant to import them into
    4. If students are NOT in the Organizations you intended, Undo the Import and go back to the Manage Org view and find the correct OrgID and update your Import Spreadsheet with the correct OrgID for each student, then save the updated file and do the Import again.

Error Handling

The import students utility has several built-in data integrity checks.  The data integrity checks help prevent bad data and/or duplicate data from being entered into the LMS.

  1. Required Fields
    1. Student_Id:  The student id field is required because this value is what the future student will use as their username when logging into the LMS.
    2. First_Name:  The first name field is required because our database does not allow empty values as a first name.
    3. Last_Name:  The last name field is required because our database does not allow empty values as a last name.
    4. Password:  The password field is required because a student will not be able to log into the LMS without it.
    5. OrgID:  The org id field is required because this is how the LMS knows to which organization the student should be assigned.


      Important Note: If attempting an import and an error occurs, use the rollback feature to undo your previous attempt if the import was partially successfully (as displayed in the picture below).  If none of the students from the CSV file were imported successfully, then there will be nothing to rollback.

2. Duplicate Accounts

    1. The required Student_Id field is designed to be a unique identifier for the given account, thus when the import begins processing each row in the CSV file, a data integrity check is performed to verify that there is not another student with the same id.  If there is another student with the same id, then an error message will be displayed and the student will not be created.
    2. The Email field can also be used to prevent duplicate accounts from being created.  However, unlike the Student_Id field (which is checked on every import), the user must select the "Check for duplicate email addresses?" checkbox prior to uploading the CSV file to apply the Email data integrity check.  If this option is selected and there is already an Email in use, then the account with the duplicate Email will not be created and an error message will be displayed indicating such.


Rollback Feature

The import students utility includes a "Rollback" which gives admins the ability to rollback (delete/undo) a previous import attempt.  To use this feature, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click the "View Imports" button to view all your previous import attempts.


    The "View Imports" button will only be visible if you have previous import attempts. If you have never used this utility to import students, then this button will not be displayed.

  2. Click the "Rollback" button associated to the import you would like to rollback.
  3. A warning dialog will be displayed asking you to confirm your intentions to rollback this import transaction.  Click "Ok" to continue.
  4. A message will be displayed indicating the Rollback is complete.


    If a rollback occurs for an import that also enrolled students in courses then a list of the removed enrolled courses will also be displayed in addition to the "Rollback complete" message.