The Vivid Safety Training System (STS) offers 5 different ways to access User completion data, one of which is via a QR Code.

Other options include:

  • the web API or flat file transfer,
  • the administrator interface in the form of reports and diplomas,
  • an administrator email notification - html email report or an email every time a completion is recorded (with or without a pdf diploma attached), and
  • the user or learner interface in the form of diplomas and Training Status Reports.

What is a QR Code?

A “Quick Response Code” or QR Code is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by a QR Code Reader app.  QR Codes are used to display text, to open a URL, save a contact to the address book or to compose text messages.

QR codes generated from the STS will direct you to a webpage that will display training data for a specific user.

What do I need to scan a QR Code?

To read QR Codes with your smartphone or tablet, you need an appropriate app installed on your device. There are many different apps for Android and iOS devices. Once you locate and install the appropriate app for your device, you may scan QR Codes.

 How do I use a QR Code?



  1. Open the QR Code Reader app. It will use your devices camera to capture an image of the QR Code.
  2. You will see a target area on your screen. Center the QR Code inside the target area.
  3. Once the code is clear enough for the app to capture, it will scan and decode.
  4. Depending on the app, it may automatically direct you to the webpage, or it may show you the link text and give you the option to open, share, or cancel the request.

In the example on the right above, the app shows the web address, the Title of the Page: Training Status Report, and then gives the option to proceed to the webpage or share.

QR Code Usage Scenarios

QR Codes appear in multiple places in the STS system. It appears on the completion record, the Diploma, and the diploma wallet card. The most valuable place it appears is on the wallet card for the Training Status Report.

Many customers have chosen to print Training Status Report Wallet Cards for each of their workers and have them put the wallet card in their ID badge holder.  This allows a supervisor to scan the QR Code to check their training status for a particular course, machine, etc. at any time. Using QR Codes this way allows easy read-only access to worker training status in the field with a smartphone or tablet.

Companies that have workers moving between work sites where training compliance is required to gain entry have found the wallet card to be a time saving solution at the gate.

User Access to Diplomas & Training Records

Once a user completes a course, the course will display on the Completed Courses tab, where they may click on View Certificate to view/print the completion record, or click on the envelope icon to email a PDF of the completion diploma to any email address. Users may also choose to print or download a Training Status Report (TSR) or a Training Status Report Wallet Card.

When the QR Code on the Training Status Report Wallet card is scanned, the webpage that displays will present the UP TO DATE training status report for the active student. Even if the Wallet Card was generated 3 years ago, the QR Code will still display a CURRENT training status report that contains the user’s complete training history. See below, where the TSR shows all records going back to 2013.



The completion diploma will print with a QR Code on it, as will the diploma Wallet Card.

When the Diploma QR Code is scanned with a QR Code Reader on a smartphone or tablet, the Diploma Validator website will appear and display the same information as is displayed on the valid diploma.